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The Screed- Pirandello
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The Screed™ by Pirandello

The Screed™ by Pirandello – Vibrating Screed for wet concrete.


screedNEW-A-F CS2

The vibrating screed series P-7000 is designed for screeding wet concrete, but  can also be used for screeding sand and fine screeding for pavement installations.

The P-7000 series are vibrating screeds for wet concrete, built by Pirandello Equipment and Tools, and powered by a 4-stroke gas Honda engine. It’s revolutionary design and detail surpass by far any other vibrating screed seen on the market to this date. It’s very versatile and easy to use as well as being the lightest (21 lbs) vibrating screed available to customers worldwide.


Features and benefits:

  • Ergonomic, extendable handles and brackets
  • Anti-vibration system for the equipment operator
  • Lever connections to the blade
  • Support bar
  • Flexible vibrating shaft
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • High Frequency
  • The design of the vibrating screed facilitates its’ general cleaning & maintenance.


Weight: Vibrating screed 21 lbs, the lightest on the market!

Motor: Honda gas engine, 4 strokes

Battery: 24 volts,  zero (0) memory, rechargeable

Vibrations to the operator: <5m/s² (6H)

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