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Pirandello Equipment and Tools


irandello Equipment and Tools is pleased to announce the new generation of battery operated vibrating screeds for wet concrete. The new P-8000 series The SCREED-B™ by Pirandello, powered by a 24 Volts, (0) zero memory battery, rechargeable at any time.

The new vibrating screeds are welcomed to join the other vibrating screeds for wet concrete built by Pirandello; these vibrating screeds are the models P-7100 and P-7200, powered by a 4 stroke, gas, HONDA engine.

Name: The SCREED-B™ by Pirandello, models: P-8100 & P-8200 DC

Features and benefits:

* Ergonomic, extendable, handles and brackets ( no tools required)

* Anti-vibration system for the operator

* Lever connections to the blade (no tools required)

* Support bar

* Emergency Stop button

* High frequency, adjustable vibration on the blade

* No carbon monoxyde (Co2)

* Battery indicator (voltmetre)

* All 7 different blades of the vibrating screed, The SCREED™ by Pirandello, models P-7100 and P-7200 are interchangeable with the new model P-8100 & P-8200 DC, of The SCREED-B™ by Pirandello™.

* The battery;
> Model P-8100 is in a back-pack with a quick attach to the vibrating screed.
> Model P-8200 the battery is on the vibrating screed structure.

* Its design facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the vibrating screed.

Weight: Vibrating screed;
> Model P-8100 21 lb., (9.54 kg)
> Model P-8200 28.5lb, (12.95 kg)
> The lightest on the market!

Moteur: DC, 24 Volts

Battery: 24 Volts, (0) zero memory, rechargeable in 6 hrs, automatic charger

Vibrations to the operator: insignificant

Environment: No pollutants, Co2 or other. Recyclable, battery


* The vibrating screed P-8000 Series DC is designed for wet concrete, it can also be used to screed sand, fine stone screening, used for pavement installations.

* Ideal for use in; food plants, medical and pharmaceutical buildings, tunnels, interior parking garages, and all non-ventilated areas.

* We deliver every where around the World.

Included in sales price:

* Battery operated vibrating screed, model P-8100 or P-8200 DC, The SCREED-B™ by Pirandello

* 1 blade model 7230, of 8 feet long

* 1 set of batteries 24 Volts,

* 1 24 Volts battery charger

Approved: CE (European Certification)

For further information or to place an order, please contact us at; 514-648-0110


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