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Pira Form™ a Concrete Formwork Liner

PIRA FORM™. A Concrete Formwork Liner






PIRA FORM™, is a textile that serves as a formwork liner conceived to increase the durability, performance and aesthetics of exposed concrete. The use of the formwork liner results in a dense and aesthetically pleasing concrete finish. PIRA FORM™ is available in 80 m2 rolls; (1.6m large by 50m long).


Features and benefits:


  • It reduces the structure maintenance costs considerably.
  • It limits water contamination when used in water treatment plants, bridges, and marine structures, as no formwork release agents are required.
  • The w/c ratio is very low at surface.
  • It enhances the quality of the concrete finish and aesthetics.
  • PIRA FORM™ considerably reduces bug holes and blemishes.
  • Density and hardness of the concrete surface is increased.

PIRA FORM™ Formwork Liner is an approved material by the MTQ (Ministère de Transport du Québec) code 31001.

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