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Pira Form™ Wood Form

PIRA FORM™ Procedure Installation


Form Work Liner PIRA FORM™ on wood formwork:


  • Lay PIRA FORM™ liner over the formwork panel and cut it to the required size.
  • Stretch the liner with one hand and with the other staple it to the form every 200mm approximately. The liner can be stapled to the face or ideally to the edge or backside of the form. When dealing with Jersey barriers and AASHTO girders, staple the liner along the line at each plane change.
  • Installation will be easier if one side is fixed followed by the opposite side then one end crosswise followed by the opposite end. For lengths greater than 4m, it is advisable to split the span by adding one row of staples in the center.
  • When a form panel is larger than the liner, it can be overlapped and fixed as previously described

Advice and tips:


  • When installing the PIRA FORM™ formwork liner make sure it is stretched and tight over the form and that no waves are apparent.
  • The form surface should be clean and free of oil or other form releasing agent prior to the liner installation.
  • After the formwork is removed, do not apply any concrete curing products prior to the removal of the liner from the concrete surface.
  • When a water cure is specified, completely remove the liner from the concrete before wetting.

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