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Pira Form™ Metal Form

PIRA FORM™ Installation Procedure


Form Work Liner PIRA FORM™ on metal formwork:


  • Spray a strip of 3M’s Super No. 77 adhesive or approved equivalent along all sides of the form and along the line of a plane change when dealing with Jersey barriers and ASSHTO girders. Do not saturate the liner with adhesive.
  • Spread out the liner over the form, stretching and smoothing it with your hand from the center towards the edges, for adjustments pull the liner up and resume the procedure.
  • Cut out the liner around the form tie holes. Cut the liner around the perimeter of the form or fold it and glue it over the back of the form.
  • When a form panel is larger than the liner, it can be overlapped and fixed as previously described.

Advice and tips:


  • When installing the PIRA FORM™ formwork liner make sure it is stretched and tight over the form and that no waves are apparent.
  • The form surface should be clean and free of oil or other form releasing agent prior to the liner installation.
  • After the formwork is removed, do not apply any concrete curing products prior to the removal of the liner from the concrete surface.
  • When a water cure is specified, completely remove the liner from the concrete before wetting.

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